Friday, November 28, 2014


In a nearly unprecedented move, core members of The Dirty Crew, accompanied by two of the very finest Special Guest Stars, made a fall season run at the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route on their mostly 250cc motorcycles for five days. The following is a brief excerpt of pictures and video captured for posterity during the October 16-20, 2014 seven-person group ride.

Enumclaw Leg Stretch

Mt. Saint Helens
CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO -- MotoBum Gets Beer
CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO -- Josh Corner Wheelie


The Larch

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Lava Tube Arch Jump

Ice in the Ice Caves

From left to right: Righteous1, stunt WR250R

Edge of the World

MotoBum on Umtanum Ridge

Shotgun Ruthie's "Lil Trooper"

Oak Creek

The Cascades

Ghostface KLR on his WR250R

Long Shadows

The Vista
The Last Night
End of Ride - Photo by Swamp Monster (not pictured)

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