Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Church of Dirt by Three

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 -- Swamp Monster, Ghostface KLR, and MotoBum met at Tahuya for a sunny but cold dirt rip. Snow covered the ground from a few days prior, making some of the trails somewhat slippery while the subfreezing temperatures kept the dirt stiff and less forgiving than usual.

GFKLR ended up lowering his front tire pressure to compensate for the conditions after six near loss-of-front wipeouts. No other close calls were had... none particularly memorable anyway.

The last-of-2015 ride ended at El Huarache Azteca again where MotoBum drank the "Margarona," a margarita with a bottle of Corona tipped into it.

Baker, eh?

Ghostface KLR and Swamp Monster's Mexican Chihuahua, Pid

Glorius Sun and Snow at Tahuya

Swamp Monster's Instagram Post of the Day's Route

MotoBum's "Margarona"

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Church of Dirt by Two

Sunday, December 13, 2015 -- Ghostface KLR and MotoBum hit Tahuya for some Church of Dirt action. The weather turned somewhat decent for the ride. Even though exhausted from a day of shredding, the ride continued past the sunset time of 4:18 PM, the earliest sun down at this latitude in 2015.

Recent fall storms made this ride one of the wettest in TDC history. MotoBum's WR250F choked out in the middle of a deep large "puddle," which forced a boot-soaking push out. The boots were so soaked that MotoBum actually took them off for a moment on the trail to wring out his socks.

After a $2 four-minute bike wash in Belfair, El Huarache Azteca in the booming metropolis of Silverdale took money in exchange for tacos and libations.

Ghostface KLR and a Setting Sun

Ghostface KLR and The Wand