Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fly and rent

Dirty Crew East checking in...

Here at TDC East, we read a lot of ride reports.  Many of these ride reports go on for months and even years.  TDC East has a 12 year old, so these longer trips are just a few years out of reach.  That being said, flying somewhere and renting a bike for a week or so is possible.

Here are the ones that we at TDC East have our eyes on.  What, Swamp Monster?  You can get the time off?  Sounds good, let's go!

Quito, Ecuador.  Freedom Bike Rental.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Bike Mexico.

and maybe, just maybe, we can get 3 or 4 of TDC to do this someday.  A much bigger trip, but if TDC East had a bucket list, this would be on it:

Pamir Highway, out of Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday Lowcountry Ride

Sunday 1/25/15, there were no kids activities planned, DW was off, and it was sunny.  I got a hall pass so I went out for a few hours.  First decision was which bike to ride.  I went with the big DR because it has better wind protection and it was a bit chilly.

Exactly one mile from the house I realized I hadn't attached the Walmart trash can wind screen (can be seen here:  Walmart Windscreen.  I turned around and started over.

I live about 14 miles from the intersection of Hwy 17 and Guerins Bridge Road north of Mt Pleasant (SC).  From there I went north on some dirt and some gravel and some pavement (Willow Hall Rd, Whilden Rd) until I was close to McClellanville.

Nice and hard packed:

We've had a lot of rain recently:


I then crossed over to the east side of 17 into McClellanville.  There's a dirt road (Dupre Rd) heading out of town north.

I liked this house that was for sale in McClellanville:

Headed up S Santee Rd, then back on 17 briefly to cross the river, and another right turn onto N Santee River Rd.  Followed Estherville Dr and S Island Rd up into Georgetown.

This house is behind the little abandoned store at 17 and S Santee Rd:

Here's the address:

And here's the only other picture of the bike today:

This is along N Santee Rd:

I went into Georgetown and down Front St to the park at the end of the road.  Stopped for a cup of coffee to warm up, and then zipped back down 17 all the way home.  I need to take more pictures.  It was about 140 miles total - almost no traffic, blue skies... nice day.

Here's the approximate route I took to get up to Georgetown:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

01 Jan 2015 Dirt Ride

The Dirty Crew started the new year right. The Church of Dirt was attended at Tahuya, as had been done three years prior. It was the right thing to do.

Those in attendance were Ghostface KLR, MotoBum, Swamp Monster, and Guest Star 4-Fiddy.

Check out the amazing ride documentation video and interactive ride route map.

The interactive map of the 01 Jan 2015 ride

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