Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tahuya April 2017

Ghostface KLR and MotoBum rode the Tahuya State Forest on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Riding after a series of rainstorms, it was a forgone conclusion that the ride was to be taken in the highlands only. Less than 10 minutes into the ride, MotoBum got stuck in deep water and mud, past both axles, thereby forcing the WR250F to stall* mid-swamp.

Later, MotoBum took a corner too high and let the front end wash out, spilling body directly down the trail with WR250F trapping said body. Luckily, Ghostface KLR was not far behind and saved the day by removing said motorcycle from MotoBum. Days later, the left body ribs and shoulder were still sore from said spill, but nothing seemed to be broken.

The subcrew encountered a stuffed Gorilla bungee corded to a tree. What?

Ghostface KLR decided that larger diameter grips are in order for future rides; his hands were pretty sore from hanging on to his high-powered death machine by the end of the ride.

*Yamaha WR250Fs of a certain era have a poor engine design where the rocker cover breather hose vents to just below the bottom frame rail; if venting is obstructed in any way, the engine will stall.