Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pullman Run

MotoBum and Ghostface KLR took an intrastate run to Pullman on a three-night road ride, Saturday April 16 - Tuesday, April 19. Technically, it was an ADVenture ride as eight miles of the trip was on a hard pack dirt road. MotoBum's F4i hooked up so well on it, it was able to pull power wheelies!

The trek was about seeing Pullman, a historic site for MotoBum and Ghostface KLR for various reasons. Shortly before MotoBum was MotoBum, he'd spend two grand years living in Pullman attending Washington State University. And long before Ghostface KLR was Ghostface KLR, he'd spent nearly a decade there growing up. It'd been a decade since MotoBum was there and almost three decades since Ghostface KLR was there. What had changed? Did it still feel the same?

F4i is ready to achieve high speeds with dual-sport luggage affixed.
The Starbuck, WA, KOA is lush and green; best ever KOA.
Ghostface, coffee, bikes, "Tonia" -- wonderful
The Dunes
The River
The Damn Dam
Ghostface KLR -- House 1
Ghostface KLR -- House 2
Ghostface KLR -- House 3
Ghostface KLR -- House 4
Ghostface KLR -- Where to wreck a $160 car in the snow
Ghostface KLR -- Where to learn to swim
MotoBum -- The Pullman skatepark still calls to this day
The MotoBum Alma Matter
Ghostface KLR -- House 5
MotoBum -- The one and only Pullman home
Palouse Cows
This 2
Tasty camp food
Palouse Falls Campground
Palouse Falls and MotoBum
Issiah -- A KLR God