Sunday, May 29, 2011

MotoBum + Super Hawk = 2003

A secret location near Lake Chelan in the spring of 2003 brought many days of great stand-up power wheelies. Give me a Super Hawk and I will make it talk. The secret is a faux-fur jacket, an open face helmet with flames, and a lit cigar.

2011 Desert 100

Desert 100 Pictures!


Here's a link to some of the pictures from Last Minute Ryan and GhostfaceKLR's trip to California along 101 and highway 1.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GhostFace_KLR wins a tropy

Triumph Restoration: Clutch

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Yes! The clutch and primary drive are in. Stator goes in this weekend and the cover goes on! Hopefully I'll get the oil pump and timing gear cover on the other side too.
POR-15 showed up. I have the paint for the frame, sub-frame, tank, swing arm and other metal bits. I need to finish the prep work and get the parts ready.
I need more time to dedicate toward the Triumph.
The project is not going as fast as I'd like, but progress is being made.

Art for Motorcycles

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In my "spare time" I decided to do a little linocut print. I hadn't cut a piece of linoleum and printed anything since what, grade 5? So, what did I carve, the T100R of course. I printed 48 postcards. Email a post address and I'll send you one. Very limited supply, like only 48 of them!


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The Progressive Suspension 465 rear shock for the KLR showed up. The stock shock has been in need of some attention for at least a year now. It is like Tigger's tail, far too bouncy. No pre-load and no rebound dampening. Hopefully I'll get the new beast in this weekend. I've got new wheel bearings and a doohickey for it too. One thing at a time though.