Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Friday part 1

Friday, April 9
We wake up and it's cold. This is a picture of our campsite at Potholes. Groceries in Moses Lake and off to towards Odessa and the site of the Desert 100. We arrive a little after lunch time. Admission for the weekend: $5 per person. Not bad. Scott, Jennifer, and Wendy are just a few hours behind. The first spot we try to claim is “reserved,” but we did not see the invisible markers where BillyBob was going to move his truck and have all of his friends park. We move to a different spot next to some reasonable people. We arrange the trucks and EZ-Up so that there will be room for two more trucks when they arrive. There are already hundreds of RVs, toy haulers, and big 'ol pickup trucks everywhere. The CR-V and Jesse's truck both look like tiny dots in comparison.
The weather is perfect. Tents are going up. The rest of the Dirty Crew arrives, and there is much rejoicing. Motorcycles will be ridden soon.

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