Sunday, January 30, 2011

Post-ride Text Messaging

MotoBum: How was the dirt bike ride in the Church of Dirt today?

E-rock: It was holy.
Ghostface KLR: AWESOME!!
Swamp Monster: Sitting in lane 3. Waiting for the ferry home. 29.7 miles today. New hill climb, and a giant mud bog. E-Rock has video. Explored some new stuff. Fun day.

Ghostface KLR (via Twitter/4sq): I'm at South Pacific Sports Bar (218 1st st, Bremerton)

MotoBum: Excellent. Bremerton, eh?
Swamp Monster: I'm at Southworth. Jesse and Eric went to Bremerton.
Ghostface KLR: Yep! Sippin a beer, getting food, partying.

Ghostface KLR: Brandi and Heather.
Ghostface KLR: Our new friends!

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