Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magenta Disco Glitter

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The used fender arrived today. Included was the original Lucas rear tail light. NICE! I started stripping the finish off the frame and gas tank last week. The bike is coming along nicely. I'm still waiting to pick up the head with new valves, guides and springs.

I still have to pull the forks apart and see what needs to be replaced. Once I take inventory I can order the fork related parts.
I'm ordering some POR-15 ( http://www.por15.com/ ) next week. I'm getting the tank sealer, and POR-15, Blackcoat, and Pelucid for the frame, tank exterior, and other black painted parts.
I'll let everyone know how the POR-15 works on the frame.

I'll start assembling the engine next week.
I can't wait to get this beast running!

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