Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MotoBum's KLR650 Upgrades for Arctic Ocean ADV Expedition - Part 1

ADVstunt1 got a few additions over the past few days. In addition to the recently installed adjustable fuel screw and second shim under the carburetor needle, fresh engine oil and filter was in order. With only 2500 miles since the last oil change, I can't figure why the old oil was so black and smelly. The bike runs much smoother now with new oil -- like a dream.

Oil in the sight glass is brown instead of black-hole black.

Since we'll be camping almost exclusively while in Alaska, the Yukon, and British Columbia, charging the cell phone won't be an option at night in a plush hotel. The solution is this SW-MOTECH cigarette lighter socket and bracket. All I need now is an actual cigarette lighter.

12-volt cigarette lighter looks cool while pulling wheelies.

And for a choice in riding position, these highway pegs have been installed on the SW-MOTECH engine guard / crash bars (they do crash amazing well). The highway pegs give me a slight chopper feel while ADV Commuting™ on the local Seattle Interstates. I'm still debating on whether to bring a leather biker jacket on our upcoming epic trip for the full highwayman effect.

Highway pegs fold up automatically for ultra-high-speed runs.

In the next few days, I'll whip on, with lots of threadlocker, a PackRat pannier rack, dual 35L Caribou cases, a fresh set of IRC GP-1 dual sport tires, a SW-MOTECH centerstand, a Wolfman Explorer Lite tank bag, and a Laminar Lip for the windscreen.

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