Monday, December 19, 2011

Tahuya... with Special Guest Star

Swamp Monster and Ghostface KLR rode dirt bikes on Sunday with TDC Special Guest Star Ruthie. She did well. So did the dudes.

Special Guest Star Ruthie had the distinct pleasure of riding the unstoppable TDC XR250R. Ghostface KLR is quoted stating "I was damn impressed with how well she did for her first dirt bike ride ever. We took her down some fairly tough trails and she kept making it over everything. She was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Never once did she not make it over any nasty roots. It was impressive."

In addition to the usual extremely sick, tight, and twisty single track that is usually ridden on a hardcore TDC Tahuya ride, a dirt road straight section was encountered. Swamp Monster's CRF250X actually hit a GPS-verified 63 mph -- a first for that Honda.

Here are the tracks that got laid.

Download this track (.gpx format)

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