Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ride Something (tm)

Side bags? No thanks, just a top case. How will I squeeze between Volkswagens if I'm three feet wide? GPS? No thanks. Too easy. I'm not in a hurry anyway so I'm not worried about being lost. Note to self. When meeting someone early on a weekend, change your alarm setting from weekdays only. Oops. Mexico City traffic... It's there even at 8 a.m. Saturdays. Luckily there are not any traffic rules so it was easy to get through traffic and out of town. I wish I could have taken a thousand more pictures today. It took a while to get through Cuernavaca but the rest of the trip was on good roads through mountainous countryside. Made it to Taxco early this afternoon and got a room and secure parking at the Hotel Agua Escondida. Perfect weather, nice town, but it's on the side of a mountain so my feet are sore from walking all afternoon. Going out for dinner and a cerveza, then I'll plan tomorrow's route and hit the sack. Happy birthday MotoBum. I'll try to remember to raise a glass for you.

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