Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1000 Wheelies Project: 750 In

The Moto Morning Wheelie Sessions continue and ADVStunt1 (that trusty Kawasaki KLR650) continues to launch me skyward day in and day out. By the wheelie log, this project has now hit 750 wheelies. My skills are higher. They're not quite bicycle-level yet, but they're getting better every day with each one-finger slip of the clutch from idle.

With wheel-up experience comes grace, or rather, being graceful. I no longer panic when a wheelie isn't going exactly like I imagined it would - I just correct it. The more I do this, the more I realize that a motorcycle is just a big bicycle. You just ride it. And the really amazing thing is that once a motorcycle is at or just over the balance-point, the weight disappears. Riding motorcycle wheelies are a great pleasure. I plan to continue performing this action long after this project comes to a close.

 And what will it take to close this project? 250 more motorcycle wheelies in 25 more Moto Morning Wheelie Sessions. Stay tuned.

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