Monday, September 24, 2012

ADVstunt1 Gets a Bar

After two years of KLR accessories sitting on my garage shelf, just waiting to be bolted-on, I got around to mounting them.

ADVstunt1 now sports:
  • Magura X-Line EX enduro bend aluminum  1 1/8" handlebars
  • Rox Speed FX 2" Pivoting bar Risers
  • Rox Speed FX 1" Lock Spacer
  • Pro Grip Rally grips
  • Symtec Motorcycle Grip Heaters (low heat only on a KLR; high not enabled)
  • Custom grip heater switch in dash 
  • Barkbusters with Storm hand guards; Magura mounting
  • Repositioned SW-MOTECH cigarette lighter
  • RSC Righteous Stunt Clutch lever in And Then Some length in bead blasted "color"
  • Moose Racing clutch perch cap with mirror mount 
I also went the extra mile and did:
  • Fresh spark plug
  • Fresh oil
  • Fresh oil filter
  • Clean air filter
  • Clean crankcase breather hose filter - only found on ADVstunt1
I must say it's nice having really high bars. They're skinnier too. And lighter. And stronger, no doubt. I wish I'd mounted them years ago, before all that ADV Commuting and all those trips. Man, I'd've been more comfortable.

Heated hand grips are a must for every motorcycle that gets used year round in the Pacific Northwest. I remember putting my first cheapo set on a CBR600. It totally transforms motorcycle riding. 

Rox Risers with a sweet bar "make" a KLR

That RSC clutch lever makes the one-finger-pull a half-finger-pull
In-dash grip heater switch looks factory
The Storm hand guards on the Barkbusters fight the coming storm


  1. any tips/tricks to installing the grip heaters? I am putting new bars on my FZ1 and figured it was a good time to put on some Moose grip heaters but have never installed them before.

    1. Grip heater instructions call for permatex between the heater elements and the grips. This is unnecessary. Grip glue works just fine. Remember to insulate the left grip heater from the handlebar or the right heater will run hotter than the left. The plastic throttle tube is less of a heat sink than a big metal bar.

  2. good to know about the glue and the Moose heaters are actually listed as throttle and clutch side as they take into account that one side is insulated so you don't have to worry about it which is one of the reasons I went with the Moose grip heaters. The other was price as with the switch and everything they were under $60