Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Long And (not so) Winding Road

The ride from Salt Lake City west on I-80 to the Bonneville Salt Flats was a long one on the KLR. It seemed even longer heading east. I have a 16 tooth sprocket on the front of the KLR, but I was wishing they made a 20 tooth... 

I-80 between SLC and Nevada is a long, straight stretch of road. 
The videos don't quite capture the ride. The mountains reflecting off the smooth water pools, the salt sparkling in the sun like Edwards skin...

Four videos, about a minute each. 
(I think I'm running out of iMovie background jingles...)

I-80 East: 1 of 4

I-80 East: 2 of 4

I-80 East: 3 of 4

I-80 East: 4 of 4

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