Thursday, March 14, 2013

E-rock's DR650

Another picture of my bike, just for fun.  It's a 2008 DR650 and it's great!  Last night, went to The Alley in Charleston (like the Garage in Seattle) for my first monthly Charleston ADV Dinner.
Bikes that showed up (because I can't remember everyone's name):

another DR650
Yamaha XT250 (newer style)
Triumph Speed Triple
Ural Gear-Up (owner also has a Versys)
a sportbike (customized, not sure what it was)
Harley XR1200 (owner also has a DR)
a truck (owner has a CRF250L)

I think that was it.  Good times.  The GS has an AltRider sticker and of course I was the only one that knew of the obscure little Seattle company.  And, confirming the opinion of The Dirty Crew (tm), the name of the company was made fun of.

Hoping to ride the national forest roads this weekend with one or more of them.

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