Thursday, August 14, 2014

blank TDC blog post title because a pithy one will not do

Ghostface KLR, Last Minute Ryan, Shotgun Ruthie, and MotoBum put camp gear in Galactica, did the ton on the way to a Saturday night Skagit Speedway mini sprint and tuner "outlaw" dirt oval car race extravaganza (while listening to Van Halen), and camped in a beautiful Skagit Valley yard. We'd never done such a thing... any of these things.

The Scene of the Car Camp
The Camp

Wheat Did You Say?

I Can Barley Hear You

Last Minute Ryan Is Up
MotoBum Sees Food
Top To Bottom: MotoBum, Ghostface KLR, Last Minute Ryan
Party Like Rock Stars With Watermelon Juice

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