Friday, April 8, 2016

Mount Pilchuck

MotoBum and Last Minute Ryan (LMR) took a dual sport day up to Mt. Pilchuck on Friday, 4/8/16. Mt. Pilhchuck is located up the Mountain Loop Highway, just outside of Granite Falls a bit.

The dirt road up was fun. Half way up, the road was closed to cars. It was only motorbikes and hikers up to the spectacular views.

Higher up the mountain from the views, the snowline was hit. While unphotodocumented, MotoBum rode a section of slushy ice, which ended up in near disaster, but he saved it with outrigger feet, barely.

Later, after much fun was had coming down the mountain , Last Minute Ryans's 701 Enduro ended up with a nail in the rear tire, rendering the bike useless, only to be retrieved near 11pm with his truck near the top of the Mountain Loop Highway.

LMR was able to fix his tire on the weekend... with a large tire iron and shot of tequila.

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  1. Well, that just looks like a lot of fun. The landscape here remains flat and the roads straight.