Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Bus at Tahuya

Swamp Monster and MotoBum did it yet again and it was another flawless day at Tahuya. The conditions were perfect with tacky ground, no rain, and spring temperatures to die for.

The only "incidents" (not really worth mentioning) were 1) Swamp Monster initially forgot to pull the muffler plug out upon start up of his Gas Gas EC250 and 2) MotoBum forgot to turn the gas on while out on the trail on the Yamaha WR250F... not once, but twice.

A dude named Jared on a Yamaha YZ250 tagged along with the small crew coming out of the Elfendahl Pass Staging Area. He didn't want to get lost out in the wilds so asked to tag along. It's safe to say that within 30 minutes, he was both worn out and already worried about running out of gas. He peeled off to ride down Sand Hill Road, back to the gravel pit, and back to the main 'lot. That was the last that was seen of Jared.

The Bus. It was both an ideal and a destination. It was a fun target. It was an easy target. Especially considering that Swamp Monster had the location tagged in his GPS unit. MotoBum kept asking Swamp Monster "are we getting closer?" The answer was always "yes." But then when it finally was close, MotoBum didn't take the turn off and kept shredding Overland Trail.

In the end, The Bus was found again and ridden through several times, resulting in various Instagram posts and a GoPro video.

The Bus at Tahuya video:

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