Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Husvqarna TE610

I'm thinking that if I replace the BMW 1150GS with a lighter, more funnerific dual-sport bike it might be the Husky TE610. This article is a tad out of date (eg, I think there are large tanks available, etc)


  1. It's a good choice. Consider the TE 630 with the beefed-up subframe and a touch more power. That's the one I realized that I shoulda sprung for over a new KLR last year right after I purchased it. Also, the Lynx fairing looks to be available. HID lights are available!

  2. For some reason I like the look of the 610 better, plus I could get a carbed version (06-07) for cheap, or an FI version (08&up) for not much more. The TE630 is sweet though. I'll look into the subframe issue more. One option could be to buy a spare and do some welding on it. Honestly though, I'm not going to go hard-core off road riding whilst fully loaded, so I'm not too worried about it.