Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TDC 2012 WABDR Run - Day 1 of 3

Leaving Portlandia in the early a.m. was only facilitated by coffee and gasoline -- lots of it. We didn't know how bad the WABDR section 1 would be. We were probably thinking it'd be worst-case-scenario with fallen trees, complete washouts, and bits so rough that only teleportation technology could safely get us across. The reality was more tame than all that.

WABDR beginning - we were making it!

We crossed the Bridge of The Gods from Oregon to Washington state, fueled up in Stevenson, and headed for the hills. Words cannot describe how amazingly beautiful Section 1 and the beginning of Section 2 were. But these videos shed some light on how much fun we had.

Section 2 -- Top of The World video

Section 1 -- Mt. St. Helens, GS, and a KLR 10-second video

We camped that night on Section 2.

Swamp Monster's Bike and Abode

MotoBum -- Blue Bike, Blue Tent

All the Essential Ingredients


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