Thursday, November 18, 2010

A TDC Short

So I broke down and finally bought a copy of iMovie for the iPhone today. It's not bad, given the fact that we're talking about HD video editing on your phone. It's actually kinda of amazing what you can do with tiny little device like an iPhone. Anyway, I tossed this little video together to get a feel for how to use it. I'm thinking this might be handy for TDC road trips ;-)

Here's the higher quality video directly on YouTube
Click '720p' in the video options.


  1. Ha. From HD to so-so quality on YouTube, to rather highly compressed on the blog. We gotta work on upping the video quality and size, I'm thinking.

  2. Still, it's pretty amazing that you put that together and published it on a little phone. We're living in The Future!

  3. As a side note, you've the the video size set at: height="266" and width="338." The other vids on tdc are set at height="262 and width="425." That fills up our content column... until a redesign. 425 isn't too small though.